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Community Oriented Medical Emergency Programme

Community Oriented Medical Emergency Programme

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Research Project Record

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Data Provider:

Community Development Foundation Group (CDFG).


United Kingdom

Project Description


Community Oriented Medical Emergency Programme

Project Leader:

Professor (Dr) Daniella Kingsley-Godwin (UK)

Project Team (s):

  • Professor Joshua Kingsley-Godwin (UK)
  • Edward W. Burke (UK)

Geographical Area:

United Kingdom

Type of Award:

Higher Education Development Award

Duration of Award:

15th  April 1998 to 14th March 2006

Project Summary:

The aims of this project were to:

  • Develop, teach and evaluate clinical skills training for emergency situations.
  • Develop and evaluate surgical skills training for emergency situations, including emergency life support and resuscitations techniques.
  • Develop, teach and evaluate how to deal with conflicts and recovery situations in war and peace situations, including how to deal with violence in the community in an emergency situation.

Legal and Ethical Issues:

All legal and ethical issues in the subject areas were dealt with.   

Project Organisation


  • Clinical and surgical skills teaching and learning design and implementations were undertaken, with facilities for the application of new technology and innovations in medical emergency situations.
  • Qualitative and quantitative Research Methods were used to investigate the issues and for data collection
  • Clinical Audits techniques were also used to evaluate effectives and quality of care undertaken.

Study Population:

Both primary and secondary care clinicians participated in the various studies and programmes, including other  healthcare professionals.


This informed the development of Evidence-based Guidelines for managing inequality and co-morbidity in the various countries involved in the project.  This would be the subject of a future project in this area.


The results and findings of the various studies would be disseminated via peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles, books, book chapters, periodicals, guides, audio devices and the use of new technology from 2016.

Educational Value of the Project

Free Clinical Skills Training Courses in Emergency Situations:

These free skills training programmes were offered to healthcare professionals throughout the evaluation period.

Teaching, Publications/Writing and Research Skills Training:

There were workshops and training sessions for healthcare professionals on teaching, writing for publication and research skills training for healthcare professionals throughout the life of the project.

Research Opportunities

Research Higher Degrees:

There were opportunities for people undertake higher research degrees such as MSc, MPhil and PhD

Research Fellowships:

There were opportunities for research posts such as Research Assistant work and Research Fellowships.

Research, Experience and Participation:

There were opportunities for people to be involved in research administration work, data collection work and research publication work.

Contact Person:

Professor (Dr) Daniella Kingsley-Godwin, Project Leader

Project Status:


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Community Development Foundation Group




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